Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Incredible Hulk II - Conclusion

Well, this certainly didn't last as long as I hoped it would, but the truth is that the sheer mass of the music for 'The Incredible Hulk' (coupled with my decadent familiarity with the film) has kinda stunted my ability to write about it. A much more in-depth review can be found here, it deals with the score on a somewhat more technical level. Perhaps I'll come back and revisit the score when I've seen the film.

I must say I really enjoy the score, though. It's just a bit hard to take in large doses, as I said in my other post. My conlcusions? Heavy, kick-elbow, fiercely dramatic, occasionally soft, sparingly lovely, but very short on light moments. This is HULK the way he was meant to be scored, but with so much music on the album, you'll want to take it in doses.

I also gotta mention the respectful use of the original 'Lonely Man' theme from the TV show in the track 'Bruce Goes Home.' It's the kind of self-aware throwback gesture which would be the equivalent of Neal Hefti's "Batman" theme in the new Chris Nolan movies, although I have an idea that "Hulk" is a little more accepting of that kind of musical nostalgia than the new Batman films are. At least the way Nolan is making them. Maybe one day, if Frank Miller ever gets a chance to direct his own Bat-film...

Anyways, I do recommend this album, although you should be aware, it's bold and brutal. You have to be in a special kind of mood to listen to this stuff. You can hear it on my imeem profile here.